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Honouring the Path of Love

Honouring the Path of Love started with an idea of the lovers sitting on either side of the tree of life, looking into their own destined future, following the spirit of their heart. Between them is a seed, new life, and below them is death, that which is no longer serving. 

I started this painting when I was separating from my husband. I've worked on it sporadically over years, and just recently resolved to complete it, or burn it. So I pushed through and watched as it became this beautiful image of hope.

I've recently been re-connecting with my celtic ancestry through knotwork. This knot is complicated & took hours of diligent work to make it look right. A cathartic experience indeed. It has four intertwined hearts, facing each direction. To me it represents the continuation of soul love throughout time, with no beginning and no end.

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Honouring the Path of Love ~ card
Honouring the Path of Love ~ 8"x10"
Honouring the Path of Love ~ Original Oil Painting ~ 36"x48"